Released in the first chapter in 1995, Toy Story was considered the first bricks to lay the foundation for Pixar animation studio. In 1999, released chapter 2 and 11 years later, Toy Story 3 was released with the ending could not be more beautiful. With a seemingly simple perspective, but when it is multiplied, no one can think that inanimate toys also have such a colorful world, which is enough to understand how much people make Toy Story lovedtheir characters.

After nine years, with this comeback, Toy Story’s story is followed to tell Woody’s journey with friends when she is with her new boss Bonnie because Andy goes to college. Although Bonnie played with all the other play items except Woody, sometimes this toy cowboy was left in the closet for months, but with the mission of being a loyal toy, Woody was still deeply in love with the girl and was willing to do everything for Bonnie to be happy and have a full childhood. Therefore,he’s got the mission of protecting Forky – the recycling toy that Bonnie made by herself. Everything is peaceful, then during the Bonnie family’s far away trip, Forky has fled and the toy cowboy has once again journeyed to rescue his little friend.

With familiar but strange content, Pixar has built an excellent journey of surprise for audience when Woody meets Po Beep again – the shepherd girl today has become a strong and talented toy, helped Woody rescue Forky and also made Woody get a different view of the world out there. The beauty of Toy Story is that it is not entirely a story with fantasy factors, besides the characterization of characters, most of what happens in the film are things that happen every day. However, the filmmakers still make beautiful images, not only lively but also energetic.

Like other Pixar movies, Toy Story is a film not exclusively for children, but also for adults because it is not only a part of childhood but also a long journey of growth,emotions and separation. There is a laugh that is brought naturally by the silly actions and cute lines of the characters in the film, but sometimes it has to be shed by the words from the bottom of the toys and that is also the lesson of loneliness and sadness when abandoned. Don’t sit still and wait for the opportunity to come, but to act up is also a lesson in the film.

Toy Story 4 is a fabulous picture and sound party. Every character, every scene in the movie is very beautiful and also brings a sense of authenticity, typically like raindrops in the beginning of the film. The soundtrack is always a great addition, under the hand of composer Randy Newman, so the songs still remain as joyful and lovely as ever and also carefully selected to integrate true to the mood of each character in each scene. Not knowing that in the future, it’s whether Pixar has intended to bring the sequel to the film, but it is possible that one of the things that Toy Story 4 has made is a perfect ending for an animated series and it is also complete. It deserves a record rating from professionals and will be the title that you definitely can’t miss this summer.

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