[REVIEW] The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 not only revolves around trying to win the master’s heart but also the lesson of courage, solidarity and mutual love.

Following the first chapter, cute animal friends in the New York apartment building have a re-release screen in The Secret Life of Pets 2. This time, the adventure of friends not only trying to win the master’s heart but also the lesson of courage, solidarity and mutual love.

With the help of Snowball and his friends, how will Max protect his little master?

Set in the lavish New York City, The Secret Life of Pets 2 brings the audience back to the world of characters such as Max-Duke duo, cat Chloe, luxurious dog Gidget, ‘super’ rabbitSnowball and Daisy. The companion has become more crowded with the appearance of new characters such as the Rooster Berg, the gentle White Tiger and Liam – the little son of the master Katie. In thischapter, the whole Katie family has a trip to the relative’s farm, Max and Duke gets used to the countryside life. If Duke easily merged with nature, Max’s anxiety became even more intense because he was worried about Liam’s safety.

The outstanding thing in the Pet Class 2 is the friendship between animals and human

At the same time, there are two small stories revolving around how the Gidget pretends to be a cat to break into an apartment of a single woman raising ferocious cats. With her help, Chloe and Mel, Buddy, Gidget has an excellent disguise. Finally, the story of the journey to rescue the Tiger of Daisy and Snowball duo. From being a villain, Snowball dreams of becoming a superhero, ready to hand out the meaning of the union, reclaiming justice for animals.

Snowball with a dream of being a superhero

Unlike the first chapter with a simple storyline, The Secret Life of Pets 2 is somewhat more complicated when integrating 3 small plots paralleling that makes the speed is not smooth, even though the last 3 are all connected but at that time, the speed was no longer stable. The deployment of 3 stories is also a good idea, but the development lacks the smoothness, making it difficult for the audience to maintain the full feelings for each story. This is an easy challenge for the writer when just introducing friends to new audience, deploying new situations, helping audience who saw chapter 1 not get bored.

Daily routine as other real “rich kids”

As an animal lover, the writer is still fascinated by the way filmmakers exploit the daily lives ofpets in The Secret Life of Pets 2. Our friends are still described in the right manner, habits, such as cat Chloe and the older cat family, although there are somewhat odd actions, but if you’ve adopted cats, the audience will probably find them too ordinary, even humorous part of seeing them from their perspective.

When Chloe makes its moves, things become more efficient than ever

Not only cats, but other animal friends were also persuaded as the cattle ranching of the dog Rooster, the fear of a tiger when tamed by the circus master’s whip, an outrageous anxiety of a domestic dog like Max – no different from parents when having small children. Or the carefreeness of the sheep, they don’t care about the dangers ahead, just like “YOLO”. The expansion from the most bustling city in the United States to the countryside has helped The Secret Life of Pets 2 develop the strength of the animal world view, bringing the audience to understand more about 4-legged friends.

Chloe’s strange behavior caused Gidget to question suspicion

The way of deploying the plot is not perfect but in return, the subtle integration of the messages through the situations that animal friends face is what the writer enjoys in The Secret Life of Pets 2. It is a message of courage, this vast world has countless things that we do not know, which is why it contains many dangers, but also when conquering it, overcoming the fears of myself, won’t we see this earth more beautiful. Children can be small creatures, easily encountering accidents but they need to have a chance to explore the world, drawing their own life after the “stumbling blocks”.

Not only that, the message of solidarity, mutual love through the view of animals is also a bright spot in The Secret Life of Pets 2. Such small animal friends, when joining forces, can win the fierce wolves, or the evil circus boss. The film also cleverly deploys the friendship between human and animals, the way Liam is entangled in two dogs, or the way other owners take care of their pets is also a clever educational image, helping children who recognize animals are to love, vote instead of torture like malicious videos on social networks.

Besides the story about Max is also the re-appearance of “big sister” Chloe with a new friend

The graphic part of The Secret Life of Pets 2 is still enough to please the audience with the lovely drawings of interesting pets. Scenes in the film from dynamic New York City, a beautiful central park with a variety of ornamental plants to a peaceful, friendly countryside or a dark circus, which all have carefully been detailed, helpingthe audience mix into each film. The music with all kinds of rhythms did not leave much impression on the writer but the opening song of Empire State of Mind presented by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys brought much nostalgia, especially the audienceused to love New York through this song.

Overall, The Secret Life of Pets 2 is an appropriate choice for families and young audience to enjoy this summer, especially when you are not too fond of and need a pure entertainment on this hot summer day. The film has an extremely cute credit for animals and children and a post credit from the rabbit Snowball.

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