[Review] Rocketman

It’s not merely a story about a famous music idol, Rocketman footage is about ups and downs in Elton’s life. From a script written by genius writer Lee Hall (Victoria & Abdul, War Horse, Billy Elliot), director Dexter Fletcher has produced realistic and emotional film, recreating the low notesin the life of this artist “many skills the same bad habits”.

If the Bohemian Rhapsody – the premiere genre film – digging into the re-enactment of the portrait of leader Freddie Mercury with details that accurately simulate the life and career of the star, Rocketman is more like a musical film. Biography in Rocketman has ceded to big stages, professional and charismatic choreography.

With full of nostalgic emotions, as well as many stories that have never been told through the perspective of this artist himself. Turning around the journey to become music star of Elton John since he was a piano lover with a great memory but must live in the estrangement of his heartless father until Elton and a friend together brought rock ‘n’ roll to life in the 1970s, Rocketman is a narration, Elton’s sincere confession to those who love him about the days of being immersed in addiction. Most importantly, in this film, for the first time, the dark corners behind the bright aura on the stage were also first revealed.

As a music film, the songs in Rocketman have been carefully selected and purposefully usedwhen they are all linked to each of Elton’s life events. And this also helps the film become more attractive and not boring even though the storytelling is relatively simple.

Speaking of the success of Rocketman, it is impossible not to mention the participation of brilliant casts such as Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Gemma Jones, Bryce Dallas Howard, and especially the presence of the guy “agent Kingsman” Taron Egerton as Elton John’s musical monument. It can be said that there is no supporting role here because all the characters are born to support each other, improve the performance of the main actor and vice versa. A footage of excellence in every way, honestly and emotionally built on Elton John’s ups and downs of life and career, Rocketman is like an album for fans or people who only knew him through a few songs and is really such a worth-watching film.

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