[REVIEW] Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is trulyan entertainment film, helping you to “meet” the ancient Titans.

If anyone ever had a childhood watching the monster Gojira films fightingagainst other Japanese monsters or similar films, it would be extremely satisfying because Hollywood was eventually also able to adapt an emotional filminspired by the successful Gojira film. Why do I call this live-action successful? Firstly, the film story takes the main story to tell Godzilla and the ancient Titan creatures and makesthe story of peoplesupporting role. Secondly, the screen of two giant creatures is too grandiose, the level of devastation of allof the planets (and the cities) is terrible, satisfying every sense of the audience, as the spirit of the monster film.

The battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah to determine the throne of monsters and the survival of humans

Godzilla: King of the Monsters begins after the battle of Godzilla and the MOTO monster in Chapter 1 released in 2014. Dr. Emma Russell’s family (Vera Farmiga) and Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) of the Monarch organization was divided by the battle of Godzilla. Suffering from the death of their son, they divorced and each went their own way. Emma sought to release all the Titans so that they recreated the balance of the Earth despite the cost of being the lives of millions of people. Meanwhile, Mark and his former colleagues at Monarch like Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), Dr. Chen (Zhang Ziyi)… tried to stop Emma’s plan. Believing in Godzilla’s power to protect humans, they have teamed up with Godzilla and Mothra to fight the Three-Headed Monster Ghidorah to protect the Earth and humanity from destruction.

4 Main monsters in the film

The plot is quite simple with 2 branches parallel. The main branch follows the members of the Monarch organization searching for traces of Godzilla to hope that the King of all ancient monsters will rise up to stop the Monarch Ghidorah from dominating. The sub-branch is related to Dr. Russell’s family, the opposition in the view of the Titans of the couple Emma and Mark representing the two ways of thinking of mankind. One side wants to eliminate their presence because of panic in the world, but people do not understand, the other side wants to rely on the power of the Titans to symbiosis together in the world. The two-story lines are quite well integrated, with a balance that keeps the audience watching the changes in people’s views on Titan monsters as well as witnessing the battle of these giant gods. However, the Russell family’s story is somewhat shy, and the writer thinks there should be a small part explaining the origin of the Titan’s power so that the audience haven’t seen the 2014 film chapter to fully understand the plot.

The Russell family

The performance of the main cast was quite good, the character Madison Russell was played by the outstanding actress, Millie Bobby Brown (from the TV seriesStranger Things), showing the strong but also very emotional, rope to reconcile contradictions for the couple Emma and Mark. In the first chapter, there were not many scenes for the Japanese actor Ken Watanabe’s, but in the 2019 film version he has an important and quite touching scene. On the contrary, Zhang Ziyi’s appearance faded away, still following the “style” of bringing a Chinese actor into reading innocuous lines to satisfy the world’s second largest film market. The two main actors Vera Farmiga (Dr. Emma) and Kyle Chandler (Dr. Mark) are acting quite well, but it seems that the script does not have enough time to exploit the talents of these two famous faces.

The high technique and layout of the film have been done very well. The battle scenes of giant monsters completely dominate the screen and attract the attention of the audience. Godzilla is shown to be big, scary, powerful and clearer than the first chapter, the power is also raised up. The Three-Headed Monster also has an impressive appearance, worthy of a mighty monster to confront Godzilla. The Godzilla proclamation of the real king made a lot of fun and satisfaction. But do people accept to live under the threat of such a power?

The sound of the film is also a plus. The music has become a trademark of Japanese Gojira monster series used and included in many battle scenes, which is both a tribute to the original film as well as creating the fans’ excitement. The color of the film is also good, not too dark, bright enough, clear details and the color transition is not too harsh, making the audience feel uneasy when changing scenes. Film editors sometimes still make mistakes in some minor details, but generally do not affect the film viewing experience, the rhythm of the film is kept moderately in the scenes related to the family, and blasts in the big battle scenes, but sometimes not consistent, alternating branch conversions sometimes cause fatigue for the audience. If you create more scenes for monsters, then perhaps creating a better entertainment effect.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters has a scene where there are many irrationalities, especially in the thoughts and actions of the character Emma. The focus on this family relationship also makes the film story sometimes too lengthy, awkward. The origin and power and reason of the Titan’s existence are still numerous, which can be confusing for the general audience, whether it is because the filmmakers want to spend the story for the next series?

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is really an interesting entertainment product, of quality to not disappoint the hard-going audience of the original Gojira from Japan. Revealing a mysterious world in the ocean where Godzilla lives and after-credit scenes also promise another epic battle of mighty giant gods in the future.

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